Hello gang.

It’s me again. As you may have noticed the theme changed, the front page changed, the content changed, and even the “About Page” changed. During the last two weeks I’ve being trying to decide what I’m going to do with my blog. I’m not such a good writer and I don’t really post that often.

Anyhow, I love to make the comics. I really do. And I think I found a way to post them 3 times a week without procrastinating. So, I decided this blog is going to be  dedicated only for the comic. Since, doesn’t have any “comic-friendly” theme, I’m trying to do something similar. Use the “older posts”-“newer posts” to navigate; and if you are looking for something in particular, use the “search box” in the bottom (I’ve tried to tag every comic for easy finding).  I still have to figure out how to create an “Archive” page, but I’ll deal with that in the morning.

If I have news then I’ll use this “New’s Page” to announce them. Like in this occasion. How will you know if there’s new news? I’ll put a plus sign next to it and leave there for a few days.

Well. Hope you guys like the new changes, if you have time to give some feedback I’d love to hear it.

See you next time!


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