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USMLE World Self Assesment (The Giveaway III)

Hey gang,

It is time for another give away!

This time I’m giving away a USMLE World’s Self Assessment for the Step 1. (Form 2)

If you are preparing for the Step 1 this would be a great help to know where you are standing right now. It is also highly recommended to take a self assessment at most late 2 weeks before the actual test. This way you can have an idea of how well prepared you are to take the test and decide if you are going to take it or not.

This exam consist of:

  • Four blocks of questions (46 questions per block) in timed mode
  • Completely different set of questions (not taken from Qbank) written based on most realistic exam content
  • Answers and detailed explanation for each question
  • Educational objective for each question
  • Board simulated interface software features (highlight, strike-out, annotation, searchable lab values, calculator, mark/flag items etc)
  • Score report with assessment score and approximate USMLE 3-digit score
  • Detailed analysis of relative strength and weakness in difference subjects and systems
  • Now consisting of sequence questions

So, here’s the deal. On October the 23rd, I’ll choose a random winner from the comment section below. Then, we will arrange a date and time for you to take the test.

This Self Assessment is a donation, so, it has a proper username and password from a fellow doctor. At the beginning of the exam, we will change the username and password for you to use it, and at the end of the 5 hours we will change the user name and password one more time. It is more than enough time to take the exam and review and print out the Score report.

If you would like to participate, just leave a comment below saying that you want to participate in this give away.

Well, happy week everyone! And good luck!

Note: Please be considerate of the people preparing for the step 1. I won’t exclude anyone from participating from this giveaway. But if you are not studying for the step 1, please give the chance to someone who is preparing for this test for him or her to take a better advantage from this mock test.


Hello gang!

I’m glad to announce the winner of this give away. There were 13 participants, so every one had a 1/13 chance to win. Which is really good (compared to the lottery).

Whenever I have to do this kind of stuff I like to use Random.org to choose the winner, so there’s no kind of bias.

Ok, let’s get to the important stuff, the winner.

Drumroll, please…

And the winner is….  Mansoor!

You will receive an email shortly.

For the rest of you, thank you for participating. I’ll be giving away more useful stuff shortly so stay tuned! Please share the word with your friends.

I would also like to make you all an invitation. If you have anything that can help your fellow Doctors preparing for this long and hard process.  And I mean anything, from books to flashcards, from videos to audios, exams you don’t need,  or extra time on your Q-banks. And you would like to donate it. Just send me a message  so we can arrange something to help anyone who’s out there in need of a push (or a book).

Have a great weekend everyone!

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