My Nobody…

“Nobody succeeds beyond his or her

wildest expectations unless he or she

begins with some wild expectations”

~Ralph Charell

Right here, and at this moment I’m nobody, just a random guy writing in a blog from the top of the building he is working on.

I’m at the roof of the building where I work. Listening to The Beatles while I’m up here enjoying the view, and while I’m writing this. From up here I can see Hollywood and Koreatown, and far in the distance I can see Downtown LA.

As many of the people that comes to LA, I arrived here pursuing my dreams. With a difference from a lot of people around here, I’m not interested in entertainment, nor fashion, not even to create a technological corporation. I’m a physician, well, at least I’m   a physician in the country where I come from. My goal is to get my Medical License and be a MD.

I’m still figuring out what I am doing here, I mean, here, in this huge city.



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