My Muffin Head… (Plus Kaplan Mini Q Book Giveaway Winner!)

In a couple of days I’ll have my orientation meeting so I can officially begin my volunteership at UCLA. This last couple of weeks has been crazy busy, I have been to San Diego and Phoenix ion some updating conferences. I met a couple of people, that I’m happy that I met, mostly because they are contacts, and you know, contacts are always good. I also have been filling up so much paperwork! And the health clearance… boy, that PPD test flared up like central park in a 4th of July! Now they want me to take INH prophylactically for 6 months… they didn’t care for my background, which (kind of) invalidates the PDD test, and nothing showed up in the Chest XRay. Will I take it?, Sure, I have to do what it takes to practice here in the US.

But anyways, When I was on my trip to Phoenix, I had the chance to talk to a Doctor who is in charge of primary care. We talked about, what I’m doing, and what are my plans for the future. During our chat we talked about primary care services, practices, insurance, liability, and the time the physician spent with a patient. I told him I wanted to make a difference in primary care and somehow change the system, to which his response was “We are too old and too deep in the system to make a change, people like you are the ones who are to make a difference”.

That got me thinking, “How can I, Lehi Garcia (future physician) change the system?

Well, a couple of days ago I was reading on Forbes an article about Steve Jobs where the (his) concept is basically as follows: “Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.” I gotta say that I admire Steve Job’s way of thinking, it makes it look so simple! instead of having a huge portfolio, Apple have only no more than 10 major products in the market, but those are awesome products. Can’t we do the very same thing in primary care? Reduce the waste of time for the patient to receive a diagnosis and a treatment, somehow eliminate the self-proclaimed intermediary known as the “Insurances Companies”, and reduce costs of care so the population doesn’t have to recur to Insurances companies to get help. You know, get to the basics, provide care and do it efficiently. Apple style.

So I’ve decided to become the Steve Jobs on primary health care. I have still 4 years before I finish my residency, so I have plenty of time to learn about the system and design an renovate the health care structure. At least on my own practice.

Ok people. Are you ready to know who the winner is!?

Drumroll please!….

And the winner is…. @Clau_hramos!

Congratulations… You are now the proud owner of a Kaplan Mini QBook so you can spend hours of fun and learning. I’ll get in contact with you soon, so we can arrange the delivery. πŸ˜€

All right, kids, I gotta go back to study. Keep safe.


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